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Chapelgreen is a market leader in bringing modular building concepts to the North West. These flexible and unique structures offer a space solution for almost any business, school or organisation; whether temporary or permanent, a modular building adds unique, modern style to a property.

Modular buildings are made to last. Unlike portacabins, which have a much shorter life span, steel construction means that a modular concept can last for up to 150 years.

How does it work?

Modular construction is unobtrusive, both in time and on the site environment. Buildings are manufactured to an exceptional standard and receive utilities fittings off-site before being transported for simple assembly, allowing for some of the shortest build-out phases in the industry. As a result, modular concepts are the perfect solution for:

  • schools;
  • hotels;
  • offices and commercial;
  • pop-up leisure;
  • hospitals; and
  • catering

as well as many more sectors.

Chapelgreen is a trusted modular supplier to schools across the North West; the short construction phase means that a full suite of teaching or other accommodation can be installed during a school holiday period. No disruption, no interruption but a fully-usable space ready in weeks.

Personalised for you

Designs can be tailored to suit your needs; cladding and interiors add your own personal touch to the space, all manufactured and installed quickly and mess-free in a dry and clean factory setting. Outgrowing your modular space? The flexibility that the system offers means that you can easily add to the space or redesign whenever you need to.

What our Clients Say?

“Chapelgreen has just completed its third project with us over a number of years and we have been delighted with the end product every time. We are kept informed of progress at every stage and each project has been completed on time.”
Jack Hatch OBE, Executive Headteacher; St Bede Academy

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